• In a sense, the flagship of the Open Carry movement online, is a comprehensive resource on the law in the United States regarding Open Carry. The forum is also a haven for Open Carry and firearm enthusiasts in general. The websites cofounder, John Pierce, is vocal in his beliefs that open carry of properly holstered handguns is a constitutional right that every concerned and properly instructed citizen should partake in.

  • The National Rifle Association is nationally recognized as an anti-gun control lobbyist and as "America's foremost defender of Second Amendment rights." In the issue of Open Carry, they do not cause such a clamour as local groups of citizens, but the majority of these local groups are made up of NRA members. The NRA website is a strong resource for the Second Amendment, laws regarding gun control, and firearms in general.

  • South Bay Open Carry is another online entity of a local, pro open carry group. Based in the South Bay of Los Angeles, California, this website promotes their local efforts in the area online. They are a positive resources for other firearm enthusiasts and encourage anyone interested and in the area to come to their meetings--time and place posted when planned.