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The articles and videos posted below offer a brief insight into the controversy arround Open Carry that has reached the media.

John Pierce, cofounder of, wrote an opinion piece for US News titled, "Why 'Open Carry' Gun Laws Work" posted on April 15, 2010. The article is his published opinion that Open Carry gun laws are right for America.
Why 'Open Carry' Gun Laws Work, US News

Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, a seven-term congressional Democrat serving New York's 4th District on Long Island, also writes an opinion piece for US News posted on April 15, 2010. Her article, "'Open Carry' Gun Laws Turn the Country Back into the Wild West," adds voice to citizens who are not carrying and do not want to be around firearms. She writes, "Everyone should be able to sit in a coffee shop or a local diner with their families without being confronted with the threatening presence of openly displayed handguns."
• Readers should note that open carry is prohibited in the state of New York.
'Open Carry' Gun Laws Turn the Country Back into the Wild West, US News

The Associated Press reports, on March 11, 2010, the view of Wisconsin resident Nik Clark.

ABC Nightline News airs a report on August 4, 2010 that criticizes Open Carry and covers local gun groups in different areas of the United States.

ABC's Nightline interviews members of VCDL and at their annual picnic in Norfolk, VA. (from 2008)

Humorously, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart also cover the issue of Open Carry. Those unfamiliar with the show should know the nature of the show is comedy and political humor.