What is “open carry?” An open carry is the terminology used to describe a properly holstered handgun located on a person but in plain sight. This is similar to the term “concealed carry” when the carrier wears the weapon beneath a jacket or some type of clothing. The only difference between a concealed carry and an open carry is that you can see the weapon on the open carrier.

Right now, only eight states illegalize open carry where as a number of others require a permit. These states that allow open carry are often criticized for their lax gun laws, and citizens who decide to open carry have reported being scolded or made to feel uncomfortable in public places.

Both sides of the argument will unanimously agree that safety is a primary concern, and while one side says open carry encourages a safe environment, the other would prefer stricter gun laws limiting the presence of weapons in public in the first place. My website will explore this issue and provide information from each side of the fence in order to help you decide for yourself.